Top Bridal Trends of Summer 2024

Jul 5, 2024

Three Stone Styles

The demand for three-stone designs is on the rise this summer with combinations of pear, round, and oval shapes taking center stage. The newest and most exciting iterations of this trend are mixing fancy shapes with the classic round shape for a bit of intrigue.

Secure Modern Elegance

For the bride who stays in style with a sleek and refined look, a bezel-set stone will rise to the occasion. The bezel setting wraps around the girdle of the stone with excellent security. This timeless classic design has made a return in the most extraordinary ways with modern approaches.

Highlighting Elevated Stacks

Every couple’s love story is unique and brides deserve a bridal stack as personalized and beautiful as their story. Every bridal stack can be elevated with ring guards, contour bands, and ring wraps that are accented or feature modern designs. Let every stack reflect individuality and personal style.

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